Aquece Rio Series – Taekwondo

This past weekend concluded the Olympic Test event for Taekwondo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The purpose for this event was to see how efficient the events will be before the actual Olympic Games that will be taking place later this year. Only four of the Olympic weight categories were represented at the test event (Male -58 kg & +80 kg and Female -49 kg & -57 kg). The top 16 ranked countries in the world were invited with only 15 of the 16 invited actually showing up.

The new Daedo Generation 2 E-hogus were used at this event and it was interesting to see the Omega logo replacing the Daedo logo. All in all, the event was ran very smoothly and efficiently. The volunteers did a great job and the athletes had an enjoyable time in Rio.

Men’s -58 kg: 1st Armin Hadipour Seighalani (Iran), 2nd Rui Braganca (Portugal), 3rd Ren-Wei Dong (Chinese Taipei) & Luisito Pie (Dominican Republic)

Men’s +80 kg: 1st Dmitriy Shokin (Uzbekistan), 2nd Jonathan Healy (USA), 3rd Yassine Trabelsi (Tunisia) & M’bar N’diaye (France)

Female -49 kg: 1st Talisca Reis (Brazil), 2nd Huai Hsuan Huang (Chinese Taipei), 3rd Napaporn Charanawat (Thailand) & Yasmina Aziez (France)

Female -57 kg: 1st Mayu Hamada (Japan), 2nd Yu Chuang Chen (Chinese Taipei), 3rd Evelyn Gonda (Canada) & Fenfen Shao (China)


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