G2 Chuncheon Open – Taekwondo

Great matches from the G2 Chuncheon Open in Chuncheon, South Korea. Many of the Koreans (many that aren’t even on the Korean National Team) and Chinese have been upsetting many of the big name foreign fighters from Europe, the Pacific, Asia, and North & South America. Many of the US fighters were able to advance past their first fights.

Mauricio Newman Jr (Chang Lee’s TKD/Peak Dallas) was able to advance to the Round of 16 before falling to an athlete from Dong Ah University. Cynthia Villareal defeated Kazhakstan in overtime before losing to Chanatip Sonkham of Thailand in the Round of 32. Jacob Grace (-68 kg US National Champ) was point gapped by Korea. Abbey Ardiana (Collegiate Nationals Runner-Up) lost 11 to 3 to Korea. TJ Curry (-74 kg US Team Member) lost to Azerbaijan in overtime. Khalil Butler (Yi Sport TKD) lost to Korea 7 to 3.

Here are the full results:


-54 kg: 1st Armin Hadipour (Iran), 2nd 윤석우 (Korea), 3rd 최영상 (Korea) & Jean Torillos (Philippines)

-58 kg: 1st  Cho Gang Min (Korea), 2nd Seok Seung Woo (Korea), 3rd Sergio Suzuki (Japan) & Lee Gil Soo (Korea)

-63 kg: 1st 김석배 (Korea), 2nd Nuno Miguel Pinto e Costa (Portugal), 3rd 박상엽 (Korea) & Sina Bahrami (Azerbaijan)

-68 kg: 1st  신동윤 (Korea), 2nd Robak Karol (Poland), 3rd  김제엽 (Korea) & Isaac Torres (Mexico)

-74 kg: 1st  김훈 (Korea), 2nd 이정규 (Korea), 3rd Alireza Nasr Azadani (Iran) & Nikita Rafalovich (Uzbekistan)

-80 kg: 1st Milad Beigi Harchegani (Azerbaijan), 2nd  변길영 (Korea), 3rd  이상제 (Korea) & Damon Sansum (Great Britain)

-87 kg: 1st Jasur Baykuziyev (Uzbekistan), 2nd Omid Amidi (Iran), 3rd Shin Yeong Rae(Korea) & Lee Sung Hwan (Korea)

+87 kg: 1st Dmitriy Shokin (Uzbekistan), 2nd Vedran Golec (Croatia), 3rd 류두은 (Korea) & Saint Nom Firmin Lea Q Zokou (Ivory Coast)


-46 kg: 1st 김소희 (Korea), 2nd Kim Boo Mi (Korea), 3rd 박은아 (Korea) & Panipak Wongpattanakit (Thailand)

-49 kg: 1st Ha Min Ah (Korea), 2nd Chanatip Sonkham (Thailand), 3rd Patimat Abakarova (Azerbaijan) & Charlie Maddock (Great Britain)

-53 kg: 1st Wu Jingyu (China), 2nd 김민정 (Korea), 3rd  임금별 (Korea) & Liu LiPing (China)

-57 kg: 1st Lee Ah Reum (Korea), 2nd Kim Da Yeong (Korea), 3rd So Im Kim (Korea) & Pauline Lopez (Philippines)

-62 kg: 1st Kim So Hee (Korea), 2nd Rachelle Booth (Great Britain), 3rd Yakovleva Dar’ya (Ukraine) & Hua Zhang (China)

-67 kg: 1st Paige McPherson (USA), 2nd Seo So Young (Korea), 3rd Jan Di Kim (Korea) & Jang You Jin (Korea)

-73 kg: 1st  오혜리 (Korea), 2nd 김효정 (Korea), 3rd Reshmie Shari Oogink (Netherlands) & Zheng Shuyin (China)

+73 kg: 1st Kim Bich Na (Korea), 2nd Li Donghua (China), 3rd Kim Shin Bi (Korea) & Xingyue Guo (China)

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