Pan Am Games – Taekwondo

The Taekwondo events at the Pan American Games have just ended. There were many upsets and surprises, but at the end of the day the matches were awesome ones to watch no matter what the ultimate results were. The Pan Am Games did not use the E-headgear so the head shots at this event were so-so when it came to transparency.

The USA women’s team came out with 3 of the 4 gold medals. Unfortunately, Charlotte Craig was not able to advance past her first match (she fought awesome nonetheless). The US men’s team came out with 2 bronze medals (Steven Lopez and Philip Yun both claiming bronzes). Logan Gerick and TJ Jennings both fought hard but ended up short with Logan falling in the quarters to Brazil and TJ losing in the bronze medal match to Colombia.

Many countries that are known as powerhouses in the Pan Am region came out on top such as Mexico, Cuba, USA, and the Dominican Republic. Taekwondo at the Pan Am Games were a great preview to what is to come at Rio 2016.

Here are the complete results:


-49 kg: 1st Yania Aguirre (Cuba), 2nd Itzel Manjarrez (Mexico), 3rd Iris Tang Silva (Brazil) & Candelaria Martes (Dominican Republic)

5th Yvette Yong (Canada) & Elizabeth Zamora (Guatemala), 7th Virginia Dellan (Venezuela)

-57 kg: 1st Cheyenne Lewis (USA), 2nd Paulina Armeria (Mexico), 3rd Doris Patino (Colombia) & Yamicel Nunez (Cuba)

5th Evelyn Gonda (Canada) & Celina Proffen (Argentina), 7th Vanessa Vasquez (El Salvador) & Danna Poggio (Uruguay)

-67 kg: 1st Paige Mcpherson (USA), 2nd Victoria Heredia (Mexico), 3rd Alexis Arnoldt (Argentina) & Daima Villalon (Cuba)

5th Katherine Alvarado (Costa Rica) & Julia Vasconcelos (Brazil), 7th Ashley Kraayeveld (Canada)

+67 kg: 1st Jackie Galloway (USA), 2nd Maria Espinoza (Mexico), 3rd Raphaella Galacho (Brazil) & Jessica Bravo (Colombia)

5th Lysbeilys Ferran (Cuba) & Nathalie Iliesco (Canada)


-58 kg: 1st Carlos Navarro (Mexico), 2nd Luisito Pie (Dominican Republic), 3rd Lucas Guzman (Argentina) & Harold Avella (Colombia)

5th John Maduro (Aruba) & Venilton Teixera Torres (Brazil), 7th Mario Leal (Venezuela) & Matias Fernandez (Paraguay)

-68 kg: 1st Saul Gutierrez (Mexico), 2nd Maxime Potvin (Canada), 3rd Miguel Trejos (Colombia) & Luis Colon III (Puerto Rico)

5th Terrence Jennings (USA) & Henrique Precioso (Brazil)

-80 kg: 1st Jose Cobas (Cuba), 2nd Moises Hernandez (Dominican Republic), 3rd Steven Lopez (USA) & Rene Lizarraga (Mexico)

5th Christopher Iliesco (Canada) & Javier Medina (Venezuela), 7th Andre de Oliveira (Brazil) & Neyder Lozano (Colombia)

+80 kg: 1st Rafael Alba (Cuba), 2nd Carlos Rivas (Venezuela), 3rd Philip Yun (USA) & Marc-Andre Bergeron (Canada)

5th Misael Lopez (Mexico) & Martin Sio (Argentina), 7th (Moises Molinares (Colombia)

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