Pan Am Games – Beach Volleyball

The beach volleyball events at the Pan Am Games have finally concluded. I was fortunate enough to watch the matches on ESPN 3 and ESPN Deportes, and I enjoyed every minute of every match that I was able to watch. Unfortunately, the US was not able to medal but US beach volleyball fans shouldn’t be worried for the Rio Games. The US’s best beach volleyball teams did not attend the Pan Am Games as there were other AVP tours going on during the same time. The US contingent was made up of younger and new faces and allowed these younger teams to get international experience on a stage as huge as the Pan American Games.

Here are the complete final standings:


1st Rodolfo Ontiveros/Juan Virgen (Mexico), 2nd Vitor Araujo/Alvaro Magliano (Brazil), 3rd Sergio Gonzalez/Nivaldo Diaz (Cuba)

4th Chile, 5th Uruguay, 6th Argentina, 7th Puerto Rico, 8th Canada, 9th Trinidad & Tobago, 10th Venezuala, 11th USA, 12th Nicaragua, 13th El Salvador, 14th Saint Lucia, 15th Aruba, 16th Guatemala


1st Ana Gallay/Georgina Klug (Argentina), 2nd Lianma Flores/Leila Martinez (Cuba), 3rd Carolina Horta/Liliane Maestrini (Brazil)

4th Canada, 5th USA, 6th Colombia, 7th Uruguay, 8th Costa Rica, 9th Mexico, 10th Chile, 11th El Salvador, 12th Puerto Rico, 13th Guatemala, 14th Trinidad & Tobago, 15th Nicaragua, 16th Cayman Islands

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