US Open – Surfing

The US Open of Surfing is a little over a week away! This prestigious event takes place annually in Huntington Beach, California a.k.a the surf capital of the world. The US Open isn’t just all about surfing though.  The Van Doren Invitational (BMX & Skateboarding) also coincides with the US Open of surf. The entire event is one of the best environments for an athlete to thrive on. The event is an invitational only shindig with both Juniors and Senior athletes going for their respective titles.

The first day of events start July 25 and doesn’t end til August 2. Be sure to be at Huntington Beach for this star filled event and to catch some of the best athletes in the world of action sports. Vans is hosting and sponsoring the event so it’s definitely gonna be something you won’t wanna miss. I’ve been to the US Open of Surf for the past 4 years and it’s definitely a great and live atmosphere that tailors to everyone of all ages.

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